Our workshop

a place steeped in talent

Since it was established by Chantal Maquaire in 1999, Oteline has been putting its expertise at the service of the most daring projects in fine jewellery. Here, where creativity goes hand in hand with technical skills, we create unique pieces of jewellery imagined by peerless designers.

Using machines that boast the very latest technological innovations, we perform each stage of the process while ensuring reactivity and quality.

Each piece of work demands utmost precision.


a showcase for our know-how

For over 15 years, we have been combining our authentic know-how with new technologies to shorten and optimize our response times in order to deal with increasingly complex and creative projects.

Because each item is unique and requires specific skills, we are cultivating our in-house talents and manufacturing methods to provide the precision required by the most complex projects.

What's more, thanks to our discretion, trusting relationships have been established with our various customers and employees over the years.


showing your creations in their best light

Each project begins with a detailed feasibility analysis of the item to be manufactured. Secondly, based on a technical drawing or sketch, we produce a 3D model of the piece of jewellery and examine its volumes to ascertain the various manufacturing constraints entailed. In this way, size, volume and materials are logically determined.


the art of breathing life into your ideas

After the modelling stage, a prototype of the piece of jewellery is produced using wax. The remarkable quality of this prototype means it can then be used in the casting process when producing the final product.
Whether for a single item or a batch of items, each one will be produced with the same high standards and the final result will be exactly the same.

We provide the technical advice, and create each item exactly as you imagined it.


a lightweight metal

Thanks to its rigid and lightweight properties, titanium has considerably widened the scope of possibilities in jewellery making. For this reason, Oteline has chosen to include the complex process of titanium casting in its manufacturing process.


reflects our high standards

Because the jewellery making profession is constantly evolving, Oteline keeps pace with developments on a daily basis. Our manufacturing know-how and methods evolve according to the creative challenges entrusted to us.

Our talents

an enthusiastic team

Above all else, fine jewellery making is about passion and requires patience, precision, high standards and rigour. People play a key part in our processes. Each one of our craftsmen and engineers are carefully selected and trained. Passing on Oteline's values and know-how is an integral part of our development.